About Lewis and Clark Today

Each day is a new discovery

The home page at Lewis and Clark Today changes every day. Tomorrow will be a new page with new journal quotes, new pictures, and a new map. Each day's page reflects the current date in 1805 or 1806. In this way, you visit the day-to-day experiences of the Corps of Discovery in real time.

Lewis and Clark Today covers the most exciting segment of the Corps of Discovery's three year journey starting September 1, 1805 and ending June 30, 1806.1 Each day features journal quotes, photos, and a map describing their harrowing trek over the Lolo Trail; their trip down wild rivers to the Pacific ocean; their long, wet winter at Fort Clatsop; and their return to the eastern end of the Lolo Trail.

Each day is commerical free

Lewis and Clark Today is an educational site. There are no commercial ties and no advertising. The site was originally designed as a year-long integrated learning activity for elementary students. Each day, students edit the journal entries and learn about that day's area.

May you find these pages useful, fun, entertaining, and even educational! Visit often. Tomorrow is always a new day!

1When you visit this site in July or August, a random page displays.