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November 19, 1803

At the mouth of the Ohio River, Lewis records equal altitudes, a method where a celestial body such as a star is measured at two different times. From that, a line of position can be calculated.

Took equal altitudes
Altitude Art. Horzn. & Sectns. 41° 26' 37" Sextant Error 8' 45"—

Meriwether Lewis
Old triangular navigation device

November 19, 1804

In the afternoon, the hunters finally arrive at Fort Mandan with about 30 deer, 11 elk, and 5 buffalo. The meat is hung in the smokehouse just finished today. Hudson Bay and North West Company fur traders are at the Mandan Village.

abt. 3 o.C. P. M. our hunters arived with the pearogue loaded with meat consisting of 5 buffalow 11 Elk & 30 Deer also Several kinds of Small Game of which they brought the Skins, all the meat we put up on poles in the Roofs of our meat & Smoak houses.

John Ordway
Meat being dried by hanging over a fire

November 19, 1805

Clark's group dries their blankets, and then walks over rugged hills to a sandy beach. They hike 4 miles up the beach near present Long Beach, Washington and then return to camp on the Wallacut River. Lewis' party remains at Station Camp.

after takeing a Sumptious brackfast of Venison which was rosted on Stiks exposed to the fire, I proceeded on
I proceeded on the Sandy Coast 4 miles, and marked my name on a Small pine, the Day of the month & year, &c.

William Clark
Statue of Clark, York, and others at McKenzie Head