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January 21, 1804

The expedition has a snowy day at their winter camp on the Wood River, Camp River Dubois.

1804                   months	days
The time to the Ocean
@ 10 ms per Day        11 	0 days

The Time
@ 12 ms. pr day         8 	20 days

William Clark
Historic map drawn by James MacKay and John Evans

January 21, 1805

A number of Indians bring in a large quantity of corn to trade for blacksmith work from the Fort Mandan forge. Two men bring in 3 horse loads of elk and venison.

2 men went up to the Grossvarntares village to trade Some woolf Skins with the N. W. Compy Traders for Tobacco. they Got 3 feet of twist tobacco for each Skin.

John Ordway
Twist of tobacco on a blue blanket

January 21, 1806

Today is cloudy and rainy at Fort Clatsop near Astoria, Oregon. The Captains describe the root of the Edible thistle, which they find sweeter than any other fruit or root eaten by the Indians.

Two of the hunters Shannon & Labuish returned having killed three Elk.
the indians left us about 12 O'Clk.

Meriwether Lewis
Fort Clatsop sentry, chimney, and front gate