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March 20, 1804

At he travels from St. Charles back to the winter camp on the Wood River, Clark intercepts an Indian war party. He also notices that the frogs have broken their winter silence.

Heard the 1st frogs on my return from St Charles after haveing arrested the progress of a Kickapoo war party

William Clark
Frog with extended croak sack

March 20, 1805

All the men who could be spared and several Indians carried four new canoes 1½ miles to the Missouri River. Clark smokes a pipe with a Mandan chief and several elders.

I with all the men which could be Speared from the Fort went to Canoes, there I found a number of Indians    the men carried 4 to the River about 1½ miles thro the Bottom

William Clark
Two dugout canoes on the side of a river

March 20, 1806

The Expedition is ready to head back to the United States, but they are delayed by bad weather. Lewis reflects on their stay at Fort Clatsop and reports that Willard and Bratton continue to be ill.

It continued to rain and blow so violently today that nothing could be done towards forwarding our departure.
Altho' we have not fared sumptuously this winter and spring at Fort Clatsop, we have lived quite as comfortably as we had any reason to expect we should

Meriwether Lewis
Fort Clatsop on a rainy day